The fastest and easiest way to send and receive documents, parcels and pallets.
Via one simple app.

Hello, We Are Wuunder

We are changing the game in how documents, packages and pallets are shipped. Giving both senders and receivers a more convenient end-to-end experience, via the simple-to-use Wuunder app on mobile, PC or Mac.

  • Arrange shipments, quickly and easily
  • Find the best price, from among established carriers
  • Track your shipment, in real-time
  • Senders and receivers stay in touch, via chat

Easy, efficient, connected

Wuunder in 3 steps

Arrange shipments from your phone, wherever you are.

Wuunder compares carriers, identifies the best price and collects your shipment.

Track your shipment from collection to delivery.

Delivering business efficiency

  • No contract necessary
  • Download the app and you’re ready to go
  • All shipments documented in a single detailed invoice
  • APIs available for webshops

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You’re lucky, someone has used us to send you a document, package or pallet.
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The Wuunder app is great for receivers too

  • Track your delivery, see when it’s due to arrive
  • Keep track of deliveries from different senders in one handy dashboard
  • Chat with senders to stay in touch
  • You can also use Wuunder to send quickly and easily documents, packets and pallets yourself

Only one App!


Easy, efficient, connected.

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