• Send and receive your shipments
    easily, personally and efficiently

Hello, we are Wuunder

We make shipping any parcel, pallet and document easy, personal and efficient. As a business owner, you can book your shipment using your mobile, tablet or computer. We select the best price and pick up your parcel wherever you want. You and the receiver can both track and trace the shipment. You can also stay in contact with each other via our Wuunder chat. Everything without a contract. Why complicate things?

Wuunder is that easy

Book your shipment using your mobile, tablet or computer.

Wuunder compares 22 carriers, 
selects the best price and picks up your shipment free of charge.

You and the receiver can follow the shipment or return shipment, from pick-up to delivery.


For companies

Wuunder for the
self-employed | SMEs

Wuunder works for all types of businesses. Whether you are self-employed, have ten employees or work with 100 people, we always have a suitable solution. You share one account with your colleagues and all shipments are listed on one invoice. The more you ship, the higher the discount. Everything without a contract. Why complicate things?

Wuunder for webshops

Wuunder makes shipping easy, personal and efficient. You can automatically ship large quantities with the free webshop plug-in. Contact with the customer no longer ends upon payment. Immediately after the purchase, your customer will receive an email with all details including a photo or GIF image of the purchased item or items. During and after the delivery, you can also stay in contact via our Wuunder chat service. This includes asking questions and returning items. A nice personal touch.

Wuunder API Magento

Wuunder API Opencart

Wuunder API Shopware

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Wuunder API Lightspeed

Wuunder API Prestashop

Always the best price

The more parcels, the higher the discount.

Wuunder offers the best price at the best carrier. You can determine whether you send cheaply, efficiently or quickly. All rates include surcharges. We will pick up your parcel for free. You will be given a discount automatically for each week that you send for more than € 75. This can be as high as 15%!

Do you often send items for more than € 500 per week? Email us us for a "package price".

Discount graduated scale | Amount per week
€ 0 € 75 0%
€ 76 € 150 5%
€ 151 € 250 10%
€ 251 € 500 12,5%
more than € 500 15%
We calculate the discount based on the total amount per week excluding VAT and rounded off upwards.


Ontvang automatisch je korting!


kortingen kunnen oplopen tot 15%.

Always. Everywhere. For everyone.

Altijd. Overal. Voor iedereen.
When travelling: easily book and track your shipment using your mobile or tablet.
When at the office: easily book and track all your shipments via the web browser on your computer.
When in the warehouse: use the Wuunder app on your mobile, computer or via an API connection.
For your webshop: quickly arrange all your shipments and return shipments via a plug-in, extension or API.

You can arrange your shipment within sixty seconds. If you have a webshop, this goes even faster. We will immediately display three competitive prices including all surcharges. We will pick up your shipment free of charge and you can chat with the receiver.